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To make this website more accessible, we have included the following functionality:


This website uses access keys, helping make key areas of the site and its pages more accessible. The page access keys used are:

0 – Accessibility
1 – Homepage
2 – About Shoreline Natural Resources
3 – Operations
4 – News & Media
5 – OML 30
6 – Investors
7 – Gallery
8 – CSR
9 – Contact

The following access keys will allow users with screen readers to quickly access important areas of the page.

c – Skip to content
n – Skip to navigation

To use these access keys, hold down the “Alt” key (IE/Windows), or the “Ctrl” key (Safari/Mac), or the “Alt + Shift” key (Firefox) whilst pressing the access key. Internet Explorer users may need to press the “Enter” key after the access key to activate the selected link.


The size of body text on our site can be determined by the user.

Holding down the CTRL button and scrolling the mouse-wheel up and down will adjust text size accordingly.


Every image throughout the site has been tagged with an ALT attribute. ALT allows alternative description to be given for each image. This allows both screen readers and browsers which don’t display images to give a substitute description